Michael Wimsatt

Michael Wimsatt

mike.wimsatt (at) gmail (dot) com

Hey! I'm Michael Wimsatt, a technology and strategy guy living in Queens, NY. I'm currently on a self-imposed sabbatical learning to cook, spending time with my dogs, rediscovering public libraries, and taking a little journey of self-discovery.

I'm excited (and a little worried) about the power of data and technology to enhance human creativity, connection and insight, and spend a lot of my free time thinking and learning about machine learning and product management.

I've held leadership roles in IT, software development, strategy and operations in food manufacturing @Grupo Bimbo as well as technical product management @HP. I have an MBA in general management and finance from NYU Stern, and a BS in electrical engineering from Penn State.

I'm currently considering leadership positions at the intersection of data, operations, product, and people with particular interest in enterprise platforms, future of work, no-code/low-code, urban sustainability, and food. I also love just brainstorming and activating others in these spaces, so I'm open to meet potential mentors, mentees and collaborators.